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EDITOR-IN-CHIEF | Born in Piacenza on May 4, 1977, after a thesis in History of Contemporary Political Thought and an internship at the Ansa agency, he was a curator for Il Tempo, Italia Oggi and il Domenicale. For seven years he signed Monsieur, Arbiter, Spirito DiVino, Mestieri d'Arte, he has been a professional since 2010. He seems to be an authoritative reviewer of the male imagination; whatever that means. He is a watch editor for the Officiel and a collaborator of Revolution.
13 04, 2020

THE FIRST GREAT VINTAGES, two sublime BREGUET chronographs from the Daniel Roth era

Di |2020-04-23T15:19:14+01:00April 13th, 2020|

When I am asked to identify the end of vintage - or more correctly its beginning - I generally choose the Breguets of the 80s, or those of the Roth era, as a reference. It is true that journalistic practice tends to identify vintage watches with pre-quartz, but the rebirth of Breguet - in the hands of the most extraordinary obstetrician in micromechanical history - represents am [...]

14 01, 2020

PERPETUAL SPELLS | Overseas, Royal Oak and Nautilus: which is the best perpetual calendar?

Di |2020-01-16T22:07:05+01:00January 14th, 2020|

Three lineages born from the vivifying pencil of Gérald Genta, three archetypal Maison, three inextinguishable charms. The three champions of high sports watchmaking, here in their most exclusive declination: what is your choice? For 2020 Perpetual Passion will involve you in targeted surveys, with the will to measure the pulse of your passion and understand what you really like. The skimming knows [...]

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