Cartier captures the adventurous spirit of the aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont by proposing two new Santos, capable of questioning our conception of time. On the one hand, there is the elegant watch Santos-Dumont Rewind, capable of overturning the traditional reading of time, and on the other, the courageous Santos de Cartier Dual Time, which allows you to measure time in two different places at the same time.


The new Santos de Cartier Dual Time watch overcomes distances, just as the aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont once did. This reference is equipped with an automatic mechanical movement that merges two time zones, allowing you to read the time simultaneously wherever you are and wherever you come from, while maintaining the same characteristics of resistance and reliability.

With its fluid lines, ergonomic design and harmony between the shape of the case and that of the bracelet, the watch expresses elegance through refined details in its steel version: the gladius-shaped hands plated in rhodium and covered with material luminescent, the faceted hexagonal crown, the gray counter with an adjustable second time zone.

Like all the models in the Santos de Cartier collection, the bracelet also ensures extraordinary ease of use: whether it is in steel or leather, all versions are interchangeable thanks to the patented QuickSwitch system, which allows for effortless replacement, and thanks to the SmartLink system, also patented, which allows you to adjust the links and therefore the size of the metal bracelet without the use of additional tools.


Reversing the course of time: this is the technical and aesthetic challenge of the new Santos-Dumont Rewind watch. The boldness of the design is manifested on the carnelian dial, with subtle nuances that underline the unique character of this limited edition in platinum. The hours are read through Roman numerals positioned counterclockwise.

Original and ingenious, this limited edition follows in the magical and extravagant footsteps of aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont, for whom everything was possible. And why not make the clock hands go back instead of forward? This is thanks to a 230 MC reverse winding manual mechanical movement.

A timeless watch, faithful to the elegance of the original 1904 model and the pioneering spirit of Santos-Dumont, whose signature Cartier duplicates by also engraving it in reverse on the back of the watch dial.

Limited edition of 200 numbered copies.


The Santos-Dumont collection adds three new exclusive versions to its repertoire. These are three colored watches that pay homage to the elegance inherited from Alberto Santos-Dumont, thanks to the presence of lacquer that illuminates the dial and highlights the bezel and case.

These three variations are available in olive green and platinum, peacock blue and rose gold, dove gray and yellow gold, and are coated with a thin layer of lacquer, less than a thousandth of a millimeter thick, sanded and polished by hand. It all lies in the refinement of the translucent lacquer which enhances and gives brilliance and depth to the colors of the dial.

Framed by a metal band that highlights the timeless square shape of the screw-studded watch, these new versions feature Arabic numerals whose width and curves recall the beveled corners of the iconic Santos-Dumont dial.

A delicate savoir-faire at the service of a refined and sophisticated aesthetic, which respects the tradition of this great watchmaking classic, equipped with a 430 MC hand-wound mechanical movement.