To mark the sixtieth anniversary of the TAG Heuer Carrera, TAG Heuer designers and watchmakers have reworked and improved its shape, preparing it for its seventh decade of service.

The case is surmounted by a sapphire crystal similar in shape to the domed hesalite crystals found on Heuer Carrera models from the XNUMXs, only now the glass has been reworked so that the curve flows seamlessly over the tachymeter scale that runs around the edge of the dial and the inside of the case. Likewise, the rehaut and the indexes have been curved, further contributing to the aesthetics, consistency and legibility of the watch. This development is not only aesthetic, but also allows the speedometer to be read from a wider range of angles.

Equally obvious are the new buttons, which have been shaped and positioned to make them as efficient as possible for the user. They will be available at launch two models: one with the characteristic blue dial combined with a blue calf leather strap, and a second with a bolder dial, black and silver "reverse panda", the nickname given to watches with black dials and high-contrast white or silver inner dials. The «reverse panda» model is a collection of great hits from some of the most coveted Carrera Heuers of the XNUMXs, such as the reference 3147 «Data 12», the first Heuer Carrera with chronograph and calendar functions, and the reference 2447 NS, perhaps the rarest Heuer Carrera of all, with an extremely limited production of a few years. It comes with a perforated black calfskin strap. The two watches offer two expressions of the same evergreen philosophy. Model blu is inspired by the modernitywhile the model black and silver resumes more decisively the racing pedigree of the TAG Heuer Carrera. Subtle differences in the application of the inner dial scales help achieve this, as does the date position: a 6 hours in the model blu and moved to 12 hours in the model black and silver to make the reading of the chronograph as clean as possible.

TAG Heuer Carrera Glassbox with tourbillon

This elegant new model serves as the sister watch in a collection of TAG Heuer Carrera tourbillon previously introduced with larger cases and sportier design enlivened by the tourbillon movement by TAG Heuer, the TH20-09. The chronometer-certified automatic movement is also equipped with a chronograph function and has a power reserve of 65 hours.

The deep blue inner dials are surrounded by high-contrast silver rings, facilitating better reading of the chronograph. Similarly, the minute scale that runs along the outer edge of the dial is punctuated by fiery orange detailing on each hour marker. A final almost nostalgic touch is the central chronograph seconds hand, which has a crisp triangular shape inspired by the instruments on XNUMXs racing car dashboards.