100 years after its creation, Cartier presents the new Tank Chinoise for its Collection Privè. First introduced in 1922, the Tank Chinoise is an elegant reinterpretation of the original Tank model and inspired by oriental influences in the design of that era in jewelry and watchmaking. The original model featured two overlapping horizontal brancards on either side of the case, inspired by the lintels of Chinese temples and the geometry of the portico. Hence the name "Chinoise".

Created in 1917 by Louis Cartier and marketed two years later, the Tank represents one of the cornerstones of the watchmaking heritage of the Maison and of the history of watchmaking in general. Since its launch, the precision of the design and the timeless character of an essential aesthetic have made it a watch capable of crossing time and marrying, time by time, the spirit of the era in its various evolutions.

This peculiar creation provided the inspiration for the making of several variations, but had not been revisited since 2004, except in the Cartier Libre versions. The variants presented for Watches & Wonders 2022, all in limited series, include a series with a skeletonized movement and the other with a dial Sunburst.

The Tank Chinoises reveal the mystery of a skeletonized movement within the rectangular dial. The perforated dial lets you glimpse the gearing of the movement in transparency, an aesthetic in which traditional Chinese windows are echoed. Inspired by Chinese savoir-faire, the use of red and black lacquer gives preciousness and depth effects. The 9627 MC skeletonised movement, developed by Cartier exclusively for this Tank Chinoise, animates the timepiece. The versions in yellow gold and platinum are limited and numbered to 100 pieces, while the one with a platinum and diamond case is limited and numbered to 20 pieces.

To this edition, the more traditional version is added, in platinum, yellow gold or rose gold, equipped with horizontal brancards with rounded edges. The beating heart of this second version, the 430 MC movement, today the thinnest of the Maison's mechanical movements. All versions are limited to 150 pieces.