“What I like most about a timepiece is the aesthetics, the charm, the curves. I imagined my customization with a technical look embodied by a skeletonized movement that added an intense touch. "

The very essence of the craft of those of Artisans de Genève is to convey emotions and memories through the personalization of a customer's watch. A few months ago, an enthusiastic collector, passionate about design, materials and colors, contacted them to create a very special project for him. This would be inspired by the Pearl project, a previous customization based on the Nautilus® 5711 model. The project was a pure stylistic exercise: skeletonizing the client's caliber based on a unique combination of colors and materials: rose gold, blue and anthracite gray. They agreed on a powerful and timeless design which was called "The Honey Pearl".

"For me it was important to go beyond a color scheme to a whole new dimension by blending materials, colors and curves to create perfect harmony."

The client has defined a combination of colors and materials for a perfect balance. He chose blue for the dial paired with the pink case and bracelet contrasted with a light touch of red. The harmony blends beautifully with the graphic lines of the skeletonized movement.

For the realization of the project, several craftsmen were called to obtain a result that exceeded the customer's expectations. Every part of the movement 26-330 SC it has been carefully cut, satin-finished and delicately beveled by hand. The original gold rotor was also finely skeletonized and beveled by hand with a circular satin finish. With the client, it was decided to keep the original and elegant blend of satin finish and mirror polishing.

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