Along the iconographic horizon of sports mechanics, Tag Heuer and Porsche follow the same ideal flyline. Their names have always chased and surpassed each other in a glorious carrera just as their symbols intertwined in 1971 and forever on the Steve McQueen / Michael Delaney racing suit aboard a Porsche 917 in the Le Mans movie.

Steve McQueen wears the Heuer Monaco while filming the movie Le Mans

That name, Carrera, which is an effigy for both manufacturers, has a ravine history behind it and refers to the Carrera Panamericana which ran between 1950 and 1954 as "A thousand miles from another world”Which crossed Mexico for over 3 kilometers. Contrary to popular belief, for Porsche the name did not baptize a car, but an engine: the Type 547 designed by Ernst Fuhrmann in 1952.

Hans Herrmann, 1954 Carrera Panamericana

The Stuttgart company decided to rename that air-cooled 4-cylinder boxer with the name Carrera after finishing third overall and first in its category in the 1954 edition of the Panamericana with the 550 Spyder driven by Hans Hermann; car that had that engine in the central-rear position. Subsequently, the name Carrera almost became an authentication of sportiness for the Porsche 911, produced starting from 1963 and today the symbol of the company.

A year earlier, in 1962, Jack Heuer had created a chronograph dedicated to racing drivers, naming it Carrera, again in honor of the Mexican race. Heuer's Carrera, together with the subsequent Monaco, would become the most popular timepiece among the car garage, also thanks to an ambassador such as Jo Siffert, driver Porsche at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, which inspired the aforementioned McQueen.

JO SIFFERT and the Heuer AUTAVIA 1163T (KEYSTONE / Str)

In February TAG Heuer and Porsche had certified this very rich hinterland by becoming official partners, to link together so intricate destinies and vicissitudes in the perfect simplicity of a single flyline drawn towards the future. And they did it by making a timepiece that blends their respective topoi; obviously time trial and of course Carrera. The Tag Heuer Carrera Porsche Special Edition in 44 mm steel that features a gray grained dial that reproduces the effect of asphalt, the indexes using the same font as the 911 tachometers, the black ceramic bezel engraved with the name Porsche in red.

Today they rekindle their common engine at the Porsche Experience Center Franciacorta, with the presentation of a new Carrera collection. Arriving in Castrezzato at sunset, it was beneficial to test some of the Porsche performance among the asphalt curbs and the emotional toboggans of the new exceptional 60-hectare structure inaugurated a few hours earlier, on 11 September, where we also find some of the cars that we had admired at the Stuttgart museum a few years ago. A place that will make customers and Porsche enthusiasts go crazy. After high-performance simulators, electric karts and track tests on the 911 Carrera S, the PEC gives way to Tag, with the official presentation of the new 13 models, divided into four versions, under a Franciacorta rainbow that ideally links two dimensions of mechanics sporty.

Tag Heuer TWIN - TIME Date

Four variants that shine for executive and stylistic simplicity: the Twin-Time in a beautiful 41mm case; a Day-date always from 41mm; an automatic with date at 6 from 39mm; a feminine, always automatic with date, 29mm. Even the colors enhance the simplicity of the project with dials that choose blue, black, silver to match the steel of the case and bracelet, which alternates satin and polishing. The effect is of a classicism without ostentation. THE calibers 7 and 5 they guarantee precision and reliability, even without particular mechanical virtuosity. The prices, which do not exceed 3 thousand euros, are also understated.

Among so much discretion, a more Hollywood note comes from the new Tag Heuer ambassador, who was the first to dress the new Carrera: Ryan Gosling. Let's imagine then a nightcall between Frederic arnault and Gosling, with the two who quickly reach an understanding on the idea of ​​a driving watch and on how to dress the time to come. After all, whether we're talking about the Drive star, Porsche Carrera or Carrera Tag Heuer, there something inside you, it's hard to explain… but you still the same…

Ryan Gosling by Frederic arnault