Mario Draghi is not yet the Prime Minister, but he has officially accepted the invitation made by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella to be the expression of a new majority, the hypothesis of a third government reshuffle led by Giuseppe Conte has passed. While we at Perpetual Passion are mere observers of political events, like many of you, we are less passive in scrutinizing the pulse of these important figures of our time.

If Giuseppe Conte is certainly a "watch addicted", As our previous articles show, Mario Draghi could be defined as a"one watch guy”Having often been spotted, during his career as Governor of the ECB, with his trusty Longines Flagship in yellow gold.

This was true until a few days ago, because precisely in this hectic period of meetings, consultations and press conferences, Mr. «Whatever it takes»Chose to wear a Apple Watch black with Fluoroelastomer strap. Thus abandoning the traditional mechanical watch, for a modern toolwatch. A practical choice, perhaps, given that the coming weeks will be full of commitments in search of a majority ready to support his government.