“After being one of the first companies in the world to equip its watches with an electronic warranty in 2009, Hublot presents a new innovation with the Hublot e-warranty. A
passport and an electronic guarantee, similar to facial recognition based on the uniqueness of the materials of which its watches are made. An advanced technology that required more than three years of research and development in partnership with KerQuest. Today, with the Hublot e-warranty system, simply take a photo with your phone to activate the warranty, access it and check the authenticity of the watch. Although the technology developed uses complex algorithms, its use is simple and user friendly. A perfect fusion of technological complexity and ease of use. " These are the words of Ricardo Guadalupe CEO of Hublot.

The authenticity of Hublot watches guaranteed by a visual recognition of the microstructure of the materials. With the HUBLOT e-warranty system, Hublot is launching a fully digital guarantee saved in the AURA blockchain.

With the Hublot e-warranty, Hublot and KerQuest fuse cutting-edge materials and algorithms to revolutionize the user experience. In this way, the watch is authenticated by recognizing the specificity of its material. An absolute novelty in the fight against counterfeiting.