The wristwatch that inspired a table clock: Hublot, in collaboration with the L'Epée manufacture in the canton of Jura, has created an oversized version of its famous MECA-10 movement to be used as a table clock. 

The presentation of its in-house MECA-2016 movement in January 10 left Hublot enthusiasts speechless. The Maison, in fact, had revisited a manual movement offering unparalleled performance and a unique style inspired by the Meccano construction system. The unusual skeletonized architecture gives the movement an extraordinary three-dimensional depth, clearly visible through the bridges and caseback. The exceptional 10-day power reserve, which has now become the rule in a satisfying manual caliber, is displayed via a disc readable from the dial. 

Considerably similar to the original, Hublot's MECA-10 Clock is, in essence, an oversized version of its ancestor. The large 19,60 x 18,10 cm case houses the precious movement and is presented in two versions. The first is characterized by corners inspired by the Meccano system and by a ring in polished satin steel and transparent composite, while the second is covered with black PVD, with the bridges supporting the gears also covered in black. The notched crown at 3 o'clock is covered in rubber for better grip when manually winding the movement. 

As with the wrist version from which it draws inspiration, the movement of the MECA-10 table model ensures a power reserve of 10 hours, displayed on an indicator at 6 o'clock.