For the second artistic collaboration with the master of storytelling art, Hublot reinvent Lipstick, the most emblematic work of Marc Ferrero, on the dial of his Big Bang One Click 39mm. In black or white, symbol of indissoluble complementarity, it illustrates the universal dualism of day and night. An essential, minimalist, attractive white. A deep, bold and magnetic black. Two clocks that remind you that day and night cannot exist without each other.

“I love the power of black and white. Light and shadow. Yin and Yang. The first is subtle, ethereal, timeless. The second is profound, unclassifiable, eternal. They symbolize the antithesis and complementarity. Choosing black and white means going to the essentials without excesses of tonality. Black and white make Lipstick even more graphic and her red lipstick even more magnetic ”. Marc Ferrero

This time the artist of color tells a story in black and white, materialized in two models in a limited and numbered edition of 100 pieces. One in polished-satin steel and resin, with lacquered dial and calfskin and rubber strap, all white. The other, in black ceramic with a lacquered dial and calfskin and rubber strap, combines white and black. Two opposites that attract and complement each other.

An emblematic duo on which the work of Marc Ferrero, applied from the dial to the strap, imprints the message of a free woman. In a game of contrasts, lipstick stands out as the only color, with a flashy red, to remind us that under the big dark glasses, Lipstick pays homage to the woman of the XNUMXst century. A modern, multiple, successful and enigmatic heroine. A woman who dares everything, without deviating or pretending.