Since 1995 Roger Dubuis it is characterized by a tension towards limitless innovation, technical prowess, uncompromising know-how and stylistic audacity. Its integrated manufacturing guarantees absolute professionalism and complete independence. Visionary designers and extraordinary watchmakers, in constant dialogue with each other, create grand complications with an unconventional aesthetic, letting their creativity run free, exploring and innovating without setting boundaries.

Roger Dubuis aims to constantly free itself from codes and conventions to give life to the most expressive creations ofHaute Horlogerie. The excess of excellence that distinguishes the creations of Roger Dubuis is also expressed through the certification of most of the timepieces col Poincon de Geneve. The hallmark is a guarantee of the value of each component of the watch; to obtain it, the Manufacture invests 40% of additional time in production for a 100% exceptional result.

All the creations of Roger Dubuis, characterized by unbridled creativity, they are as technical as they are whimsical. For the maison, technology is at the service of beauty, so the use of futuristic materials from other industries - such as additive manufacturing and composite materials - amplifies the stylistic irreverence of its timepieces. No limitations in design, no limitations in technology. Because no excess is out of reach of Roger Dubuis. The brand is proud of its breakthrough choice, with which it distances itself from trends and mass consensus. The Maison dedicates its creations to those who want to enjoy life, to incurable hedonists. This is the tribe of Roger Dubuis, people convinced that together with this Maison they will live surprising and unforgettable experiences; people who love to live fully, without constraints, without borders, in an excessive and irreverent way, guided only by freedom and extravagance.

Excalibur Twofold: a touch of rebellious audacity and world premieres

Mastering the tradition ofHaute Horlogerie, Roger Dubuis presents a new interpretation of its iconic movement, the double flying tourbillon. L'Excalibur Twofold it is the perfect embodiment of the Maison's expressive singularity and know-how, even more extreme in the dark.

This extraordinary new horological creation brings together three world premieres. The bezel and case, with a diameter of 45 mm, are made of mineral composite, an optical white composite material made of 99,95% silica and specially developed by Roger Dubuis. A technical feat never before attempted in Haute Horlogerie. The manufacturing process used for fiberglass (SMC) and implemented by engineers Roger Dubuis allows the Manufacture to use this extraordinary mineral composite fiber in a versatile way.

For the first time, a patented process has been developed to lighten every corner of the movement's upper plate made of mineral composite fiber. Luminescent at night, it lasts 60% longer than that of commonly used luminescent materials. Finally, the strap of the twofold it is made in a particular FKM rubber and it is also luminescent, manufactured using the new technology "LumiSuperBiwiNovaTM”, Capable of making only part of the strap glow in the dark, which appears as a luminous signature. A perfect combination of lightness and strength, this new technical masterpiece requires extremely high watchmaking know-how. Certified with the Poincon de Geneve,Excalibur Twofold it is made in a limited edition of only 8 pieces, as a guarantee of its absolute rarity.

Once again, the brand claims its technical independence and its radical aesthetic choices. To the delight of its aficionados, the timepieces Roger Dubuis once again assert themselves as the most compelling tool to experience theHyper Watchmaking.