Thanks to the know-how in the art of guillochage, Breguet offers a new look to two emblematic models of the collection Classic, 7137 and 7337. The Maison proposes this new declination in rose gold with silver gold dial, but also in a more contemporary register, in oro white with "Breguet blue" gold dial. A raised moon in the starry sky takes the moon phase indication into a new dimension.
Of a timeless elegance, the line Classic it belongs to the purest style Breguet. The Manufacture revisits the model Classic 7137 e 7337 - inspired by historical watches - thanks to one of its specialties: the traditional guillochage. On the silvered gold or “Breguet blue” dial, the new declinations of this year, the variation of the motifs allows easy identification of the reading areas in all sobriety. Reading the time is made easier by the Breguet a hands pomme évidée and by the turn of the Roman numerals.
Faithful to the tradition born at the end of the XNUMXth century, the Maison inscribes the individual number of the watch on the dial and engraves the secret signature on it. The models Classic they all have a slim case with fluted sides. The attachments, welded to make them more robust, curved to ensure more comfort for the wearer, hold the leather strap.
An extra-flat caliber 502.3 with an oscillating weight in gold guilloché by hand, this model is only 39 mm in diameter.

Breguet Classique 7137 - The traditional know-how of hand guillochage is fully expressed in the Classique line.

Like two centuries ago, the craftsman performs guilloche on a particular lathe - for circular decorations - or on a linear machine tool for straight motifs. The Classic 7137 has a reason basket maillé for indication of the power reserve, checkerboard for the indication of the date e Clous de Paris for the main part of the dial. The dial of the white gold version is blue Breguet. On the rose gold version, the color of the dial comes from a sprinkling of silver powder, which is then worked with the soft brush.

Breguet Classique 7337

The dial of the Classic 7337 hints at reasons of great finesse: a grain d'orge circular for the outside of the round of hours, a reason ladiesr for the small seconds and the Clous de Paris in the center. The engraved clouds border the enameled sky of the moon phases, studded with sequins, which evokes the Milky Way. Breguet he reshaped the gold pad in the image of the moon, shiny in relief and opaque in the hollows. In hours X and at the hour II there are two windows with shapes that recall those of historical models, such as the pocket watch N ° 3833 (photo below), indicating the day and date.
The sapphire crystal of the Classic 7137 and Classic 7337 give a glimpse of the extra-flat automatic caliber 502.3 hand decorated. This movement has a reduced thickness thanks to an open barrel and an off-center oscillating weight. This particular concept makes it possible to distinguish the barrel spring which otherwise remains hidden. The use of a silicon spiral, the result of recent technological discoveries, continues the search for the precision of Abraham-Louis Breguet in the contemporary period.
Sober and elegant, the new Classic 7137 e Classic 7337 carry on the wrist the aesthetics of historic pocket watches, made under the aegis of Abraham-Louis Breguet and his son. The watchmaker had added the art of guillochage to the watchmakers' code in 1786 to allow for greater readability. Source of inspiration for the model Classic 7137, the pocket watch Perpétuelle N ° 5 (photo below) features several guillochage motifs and a round of hours with Roman numerals.
The major stylistic innovation, the off-centered dials, appears around 1812 on some pocket watches. In fact the Repetition of the quarters N ° 3833, sold in 1823 and exhibited in the museum Breguet a Paris, has a turn of the hours shifted to the hours VI, while at the top appears the indication of the moon phases at hours XII, a provision inherited from the current one Breguet Classique 7337.
With the new Classic 7137 e Classic 7337, the Manufacture continues to write the timeless codes imagined by A.-L.Breguet in today's watchmaking.
The price of the new Breguet Classique 7137 will be 35.300 EURO, while that of 7337 will be around 38.500 EURO (price pending confirmation).