Seiko presents a new series of three diver's watches in the line Prospex limited edition, inspired by the mysterious and dark world of the sea at night and made in a completely black version. Tropical seas change their essence at sunset, with colors that turn from cobalt blue to jet black, wrapped in the silence of the night. The mystical charm of this atmosphere makes night diving a particularly sought after activity by sea lovers and lovers. It is to this world that the three new diver's watches are dedicated Seiko Prospex in the total black tone.

The developments that Seiko boasts in the field of watchmaking technology today culminating in a saturation dive diver's watch featuring an all-black case, a dial with red accents and a water resistance to 300 meters. Thus was born the SEIKO SLA035J1, a professional diver for saturation dives up to 300 meters. The details of the color of the dial perform a practical function: water, by its characteristic, absorbs the highest wavelengths belonging to the spectrum of light, such as red, while it reflects almost entirely the lower frequencies, such as blue and silver. Viola. For this reason the ocean takes on the typical blue color.

The absorption of red light increases with depth, making it increasingly difficult to perceive this hue underwater. At a depth of 300 meters the absorption of red light is almost total, objects and organisms of this color become barely visible. Because at these levels of immersion every decision is critical and must be instantaneous, the red second hand and 300m indication disappear into the abyss, allowing readability to be concentrated on just the necessary information.
The watch is equipped with sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment on the internal surface, the bezel is in black ceramic based on zirconium oxide to ensure high legibility and resistance. The red details fade into the depths of the sea but add an aesthetic touch for everyday use.
From the diver's watch Prospex professional diver derive two models that combine the practical functions of a wristwatch with water resistance for scuba diving (air diving). The distinct touch of orange, characteristic of the design of these two timepieces, is an aesthetic detail that adds a touch of style to everyday use. Thus take shape i SEIKO SPB125J1 / SSC761J1, two divers with the iconic box "Sumo”That encompass functionality and aesthetics.
The steel case, with coating IP extra-hard black, features the iconic design, popular with fans of the brand with the nickname "SUMO". The orange of the minute hand stands out on the black dial like the light of the divers' torches during night dives, and allows you to read the exact time in dark conditions thanks to the exclusive Lumibrite di Seiko.
Indices are also characterized by Lumibrite of the same orange color. The watches are water resistant to 200 meters and have a screw-down crown to ensure the safety of divers by preventing any accidental operation.