It's been five years since H. Moser & Cie. presented its first model Concept laid down by the
minimalist purity, with a dial without indexes and logo. Driven by the desire to return to the essential, the manufacture of Schaffhausen has redefined the concept of human luxury watchmaking: eliminating the superfluous to focus not only on timekeeping but on the representation of an authentic expression of emotion.

The Concept series has been so successful that H. Moser & Cie. decided to include it in his collection. The dial smoked has become a symbol of the brand – even without the logo – so much so that today 'fumé' is automatically associated with H. Moser & Cie. In 2020, to celebrate the fifth anniversary of its launch, the manufacture is presenting three new models available in various versions, all in limited edition and with Concept fumé dial.

The absolute antithesis of watches with cluttered dials and superfluous functions, theEndeavor Center Seconds
Concept, originally presented as a conceptual piece, constitutes a philosophical reflection. The overwhelmingly positive reaction demonstrated that there was a real need to return to the roots and truest essence of watchmaking. With its famous smoked dial – typical of the brand – without frills,
indices or logo, H. Moser & Cie. made the unprecedented minimal aesthetics of the "Concept" an integral part of the identity and language of the collection Endeavour, with an emphasis on luxury craftsmanship and
beauty of his expertise, often eclipsed by overwhelming marketing, to remind us that behind the logo
the people are there: talented watchmakers and dial specialists.

They also demonstrated that a truly luxury product can be instantly identified, even without a visible logo. Today, this rigorously minimalist aesthetic has become a hallmark of H. Moser & Cie., as well as the smoked dials in their bold and striking colors. Offering a different image of traditional watchmaking, the manufacture of Schaffhausen has imposed new trends, creating classic but never conventional watches, with a design that overturns preconceived ideas.

In homage to the fifth anniversary of the series Concept, H. Moser & Cie. has created three new models available in different versions, which combine refined proportions, harmonious shapes and high-end finishes with in-house calibres, HMC 804 self-winding, 100% Swiss Made, which work at 21.600 vibrations / hour and guarantee a power reserve of 72 hours.

Available in red gold 5N, white gold or steel, in the version with three hands or with tourbillon movement, with case Endeavour, exhibit different shades of the famous fumé dial: the well-known Funky Blue and a new color for the Endeavor family – appropriately named Burgundy - are combined with the splendid brilliance of the diamonds that adorn the 38 mm model's bezel.

By focusing on substance rather than on labels, H. Moser & Cie. proves once again that simplicity can be surprisingly effective and unexpectedly powerful. The unmistakable H. Moser style: irreverent haute horlogerie.


Endeavor Tourbillon Concept white gold - THE 50 pieces (ref. 1804-0221): price € 62.000
Endeavor Tourbillon Concept red 5N - LE 50 pieces (Ref. 1804-0400): price 62.000 €
Endeavor Tourbillon Concept steel - LE 50 pieces (Ref. 1804-1208): price € 57.000


Endeavor Center Seconds Concept white gold - THE 100 pieces (Ref. 1200-0215): price € 21.000
Endeavor Center Seconds Concept 5N red gold - THE 100 pieces (Ref. 1200-0409): price € 21.000
Endeavor Center Seconds Concept steel - LE 50 pieces (Ref. 1200-1218): price € 21.000

ENDEAVOR CENTER SECONDS DIAMOND CONCEPT - THE 100 pieces (Ref. 1200-1208): Price € 15.200