Some moments we would like to last forever others, we would never want to live them or we would like them to go by as quickly as possible. The new Hyt Soonow is the answer!

Its intriguing and captivating timekeeping reminds us, in fact, that every single second counts. "Now or NeverNow or never, it was like that yesterday for HYT which defines the present as an emotional climb and not as a precarious or momentary moment of gratification. The meaning of time is the meaning and value we place on it.

The new Soonow shows this dynamic view of time, the evolution between the past life and what potentially awaits us on the journey ahead of us. The immediate becomes an open door to the future. Our past provides our present and together they show us what will be. All time!

Visualize the flow of the fluid, a module patented by Hyt, which works in perfect harmony with a truly unique mechanical movement, in a seemingly unconventional union. Two partially visible, multi-layered bellows inject energy into the system to bring the time display to life via two contrasting liquids.

Like all models HYT H0, also the Soonow features an elegant and highly descriptive sapphire crystal dome. Under this transparent dome, the "dial" is a spectacular 3D representation of a skull. A perforated titanium plate features over 300 gold pins are used to create a modern and artistic representation of the face of death. The left eye of the skull shows the running seconds, with the words “Soon” and “Now” printed in red alternately passing every 30 seconds. The right eye instead shows the power reserve with a “Dead or Alive” display.

With a diameter of 48,8 mm, the case is presented in steel or steel coated with DLC. Each version is available in a limited edition of 25 pieces, with blue or green “liquid” hours respectively. Interestingly, the liquids have been reversed as the clear liquid represents the elapsed time.

The caseback provides a clear demonstration of the complexity of the mechanical movement that powers the fluidic module, developed with the Chronode that ticks at 4Hz and boasts 65 hours of power reserve. The bridges are beveled and hand decorated.

THEHYT H0 Soonow it is presented on a rubber strap secured with a titanium folding clasp. The price is set at around EUR 75.000.