THEOmega Deep Seamaster Planet Ocean Professional becomes the best performing dive watch ever!

The Five Deeps Expedition, the first expedition in the world to take humans to the deepest place in the five oceans, is an initiative of the submarine pilot and explorer Victor Bishop (photo below), the first human to have reached both the highest and lowest points on the planet.

To support Victor's bold undertaking, OMEGA he made a watch Seamaster Planet Ocean that raises the standard of diving timepiece technologies to unprecedented levels.

Map of the Five Expeditions

Today the watchmaking maison unveils a watch that will make history in the diving community, a truly incredible piece, the result of years of experience in the professional diving watch sector. This extraordinary timepiece, which survived a world record dive by ben 10.928 meters a few weeks ago, a watch tested at 1.500 bar or 15.000 meters, capable of diving into the deepest point in the world of The Mariannes Trench.

Between April and May 2019, the The Five Deeps Expedition entered history. After mapping the ocean floor using the sonar system to find the deepest point of the eastern depression of the abyss Challenger in the Mariana Trench, Victor Vescovo piloted the DSV (Deep Submergence Vehicle) Limiting factor, the operational submarine capable of reaching the highest depths in the world, leading it to the deepest place in the Planet Earth.

OMEGA has been making diver's watches since the XNUMXs, but creating a robust timepiece capable of meeting the needs of The Five Deeps Expedition it required an innovative approach and a shared commitment. Challenges that OMEGA always welcomes.

"OMEGA's goal was to create a watch for a very specific use using technologies that could be reproduced on an industrial scale in the future."

Designed by true experts, imagination, genius and numerous diving simulations were the ingredients of the perfect formula which, despite countless difficulties, OMEGA conceived by combining design, technology and materials into a truly exceptional innovative timepiece.

As you would expect, this again Seamaster it is a professional tool, made in a way that it can last over time. Designed to withstand ultra-high pressures, the OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep Professional features technology for full ocean depth, yet its design is thin and light - less than 28mm. The expedition logo is placed in the center of the caseback, framed by concentric circles reminiscent of the multi-beam scanning sonar technology used by The Five Deeps Expedition team to map the ocean floor.

The watch is engraved with all the most important data, including the model, the reference number, the DNV-GL certification, the depth of 15 m in which it was tested and the material used. Despite its enormous capabilities and tolerances, Omega managed to keep it under 000mm thick.

"A watch doesn't have to be huge to withstand enormous pressures", this was the idea behind this project. Despite being a professional prototype made without concessions, the watch looks very familiar, as it shares most of its traits with a regular Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m, same dial, same hands, same indexes, same shapes.

The body of the bezel, the case, the caseback and the crown of the Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep were made using the unused pieces of the hull of the DNV Limiting factor forged in grade 5 titanium (DNV-GL certified), machine cut while maintaining the characteristics and quality of the material.

The crystal of a diving watch is always a thorny problem, as regards its thickness and its assembly to the rest of the watch, but even in this case, the inspiration was taken from Victor Vescovo's submarine and its "windows ". Viewport design is a critical step in developing a submarine.

Omega took inspiration from the conical design of the Limiting Factor and used Liquidmetal® which guarantees a flexible and at the same time solid bond between the case body and the sapphire crystal. This innovative hot welding process, whose patent is currently pending, has made it possible to avoid the need for welding with polymers and to reduce the thickness of the sapphire.

The rest of the watch is as unconventional as the hull. Fully integrated into the titanium case, the lugs of the Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep Professional are left open to reduce the risk of exceeding material limits at full ocean depth, as both the watch and band can be subjected to loads of high traction. They are called loops "Manta" because of their distinctive appearance.

All these technologies allow the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep Professional to withstand pressures up to 10.928 meters or 1100 bar, a record for a mechanical watch. All watches have undergone pressure testing at the factory Triton Submariners of Barcelona in the presence of an inspector DNV-GL.

The maximum pressure chosen is linked to the tolerances required in the Mariana Trench, but to be safe and comply with the regulations ISO 6425. for diving watches, Omega insisted on adding a 25% safety margin, which meant that the watches had to function perfectly up to 1.500 bar or 15.000 meters.

Last but not least, the Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep Professional is, above all, an Omega watch with an automatic movement inside. The watches have undergone rigorous tests established by the GOALS for the assignment of the Master Chronometer certification.

A truly unique adventure… from the deepest point on the planet to the watchmaking industry's highest standard of testing.