Oris has been on a mission to save and protect the oceans for several years, which makes sense given the brand's strong value for dive watches. With these three watches, Oris covers the three pillars of the "Oceans Project": restoration, cleaning and protection.

After the recent introductions of the Oris Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition III and Oris Clean Ocean Limited Edition, the brand is now adding a third watch to the series.

Thus, the trilogy called casket takes shape "Oris Ocean Trilogy", completed by the new model Oris Chronograph Blue Whale Limited Edition.

Oris Blue Whale Limited Edition

Each model is therefore dedicated to a special mission: theOris Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition III saw the maison collaborate with a non-profit social enterprise established in 2016, the Reef Restoration Foundation.

The limited edition of Oris Clean Ocean is dedicated to cleaning the oceans. The United Nations environmental arm estimates that 8 million tons of plastic reach the ocean every year and that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. To avoid this man-made catastrophe, Oris teams up with Pacific Garbage Screening, which has developed an innovative floating platform that acts like a giant sieve by collecting plastic waste from rivers, estuaries and the ocean.

Last but not least, the goal of the new Oris Blue Whale Limited Edition is to protect the mighty blue whale, the largest animal in the world, whose future is threatened. For this third and final project Oris announces a partnership with the charity Whale and Dolphin Conservation aimed at protecting these majestic creatures, there were once around 350.000 blue whales in our oceans, but it is now thought that there are only between 10.000 and 25.000 living specimens left.


The third watch in this ocean protection project is still based on the much loved collection Water, however this time around, the model in question is equipped with a chronograph function. Just like the Oris Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition III and the Oris Clean Ocean Limited Edition, this new piece is based on the same visual codes, with an aqua blue ceramic bezel and a gradient aqua-blue dial.

The case of this watch is the same as the unrestricted editions of the Aquis Chronograph, made of 45.5mm stainless steel water resistant to 500m. The main difference in this limited edition is the caliber, in this case, equipped with an architecture-based Swiss automatic movement Sellita SW-500 (Valjoux 7750), with a balanced layout 3-6-9 and a date at 4:30.

The caseback bears a blue whale in relief and the limited edition number (model made in only 200 numbered copies, the “exclusive” part of the Oris Ocean Trilogy).  

This new Oris Blue Whale Limited Edition Chronograph will be the limited edition watch of the trilogy. In fact, it will only be available as part of a box set, which includes Clean Ocean and Great Barrier Reef III. Delivered in a special recycled PET plastic presentation box, the same material found on the Oris Clean Ocean case back.

All three watches have some common traits, such as the blue gradient color of the dials and the aqua blue ceramic bezel. The limited edition Oris Clean Ocean (time and date), has a diameter of 39,5 mm and a water resistance of 300 meters. L' Oris Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition III it is a more complex piece with small seconds and circular date indication, with a diameter of 43,5 mm and a water resistance of always 300 meters. L'Oris Blue Whale Limited Editionfinally, as already mentioned, it has a diameter of 45.5 mm and offers the chronograph function.

The Oris Ocean Trilogy series is limited to 200 pieces and will be available from June 2019. The package with these three watches will be priced at approximately EUR 9.600. Part of the proceeds from the sales will be donated to the three associations / organizations mentioned above.