The most important moment is the present. Starting from this essential concept of the philosophy of life and thought of Ludovic Ballouard, comes to lifeHalf Time, an exceptional and truly unique timepiece, where you can read the current time shown in full at 12 o'clock, while the rest of the numbers appear cut in half. The extravagance of this watch continually reminds us that the most important moment is the present and that past and future matter very little or nothing.

Driven by his original idea and his philosophy, Ludovic Ballouard continued to create, presenting his second model, the Half Time, in January 2012. Monsieur Ballouard puts the minutes in the middle of the dial at 6 o'clock, but to making the movement even more complicated and fascinating, the minutes are retrograde over a 120 ° arc, remaining true to his desire to continually add complications to his timepieces.

The idea of ​​presenting time in an unusual way remains the predominant motif of this collection as well. The jumping hour is extremely complicated. All numbers are split in half on two discs that rotate in opposite directions, making the numbers illegible, except for the present tense which is integer at the 12 o'clock position.

The black titanium dial offers a stark contrast to the polished steel hand, the name of the "creator" is incorporated into the window showing the correct time and, finally, at the bottom you can see the number of the limitation.

The real feast for the eyes is the intricately designed internal movement, made of gilded brass that contrasts very well with all the steel parts used to power the movement and spin the discs.

The entire movement is made up of over 300 parts and 53 jewels, it is a patented mechanism, designed to allow instant rotation when needed. The hand-wound caliber has a reserve of approximately 30 hours and runs at 21.600 Vph.

Available in various materials, the one we propose has a 41 mm case made of 950 platinum and is completed by a hand-stitched black leather strap, with a "B" -shaped buckle also in 950 platinum. Price 93.000 EURO .