Bovet once again proves to be a truly special maison. The uniqueness of the brand lies in a distinctive perception of elegance in which integrity and craftsmanship are carefully preserved, as is also the case in the new timepiece dedicated to travelers. Complex and highly decorated, it displays a one-of-a-kind multi-time display.

The new Bovet Recital 27 it is at the same time a practical and highly technical watch, which stands out for its three-dimensional design. It simultaneously displays four complications created specifically to be housed in the large case made from grade 5 titanium or 18k rose gold, which has a diameter of 46,30 mm.

Local time is logically displayed in the center of the clock. At 3 and 9, two sub dials indicate the additional time zones. The city rings can be set independently as the Bovet watchmakers, thanks to their experience, have designed the Récital 27 to offer collectors three time zones, adjustable according to the daylight saving time or the solar time of each of the zones selected. For each additional time zone, the hour and minute indication is complemented by a day and night display.

Thanks to its intuitive correction system, the three time zones are individually adjustable and collectors who wish to, will be able to customize the city discs by choosing locations to their liking. This practical time zone indication is paired with a dome-shaped dual moon phase display, showing the lunar cycle for both the northern and southern hemisphere. Its surface is delicately etched to evoke the lunar relief and the lower sections are filled with luminescent material. The highly precise mechanism that guides the moon phase indication only requires correction every 122 years.

By turning the watch, the sapphire crystal offers an unobstructed view of the hand-wound caliber 17DM04-3FPL, where we can see the seconds through a sectorial dial and the indication of the power reserve of 7 days whose energy comes from a single barrel.

Il Bovet Recital 27 it is completed by an alligator leather strap with a pin buckle. Proposed in a limited edition of only 60 movements, available in grade 5 titanium (approximately EURO 65.000) and in 18K red gold.

The choice of three time zones is significant. Historically, the Maison was founded in three different time zones: when the 10 May of the 1822, brothers Bovet were already present in Switzerland, London and China. Beyond this historical fact, the triple time zone offers collectors an answer to the needs of modern life and the immediacy of communications on a global scale.

The success of the multiple time zones produced by Bovet demonstrates the growing interest of collectors in useful functions, ergonomics and intuitive and easy-to-use timepieces.