Those of Greubel Forsey they are true sculptors of time, choreographers of the passing hours and architects of the movement of a watch, as the two founders of the brand like to define themselves.

The innovative spirit that distinguishes Greubel Forsey it is particularly evident in the GMT EARTH Incorporating a globe to make three different time zone displays visible, and also capable of reproducing the Earth's rotation in real time, this magnificent timepiece offers an intuitive view of time around the world and an indication of day and night. With this creation, Robert Greubel e Stephen Forsey they totally reinterpreted the very notion of the GMT as a watchmaking complication.

The GMT EARTH offers an extraordinary 360 ° view of our planet Earth from the North Pole to the South Pole. This technical feat has been achieved by an original movement architecture in relation to the shape and size of the case. Revealing the entire globe required a complex application of sapphire crystal, a skill acquired by the Maison after many years of research and use.

The globe is not the only three-dimensional element of this timepiece, but three-dimensionality appears for the first time at the highest point of the dial, with indications of the hours, minutes and small seconds. Then your gaze glides gently over the GMT indication with its red triangular hand, followed by the power reserve indication displayed by a long, slender hand. Finally, our eyes rest on the lower part of the dial, which shows the globe next to a Whirlwind which performs a full rotation in 24 seconds.

As already mentioned before, the GMT EARTH allows a clear view of three time zones simultaneously at a distance of a quarter of an hour. Additionally, 24 time zones are displayed on the movement side of the timepiece with summer and winter time to complete the universal time indicated by the globe.

Finally, the characteristic side plates bearing engraved inscriptions that “encapsulate” the key values ​​of Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey decorate the body of the case, which has important dimensions: 45.50 mm in diameter and 16.18 mm in thickness. The movement works at 3.5 Hz (21.600 / vph) and has a power reserve of 72 hours. Available for a limited number of 33 pieces, the price of this marvelous white gold timepiece is over 600.000 euros.