As is now customary, Montblanc surprises us with a complicated watch that is original and accessible at the same time.

The Geosphere is arguably the boldest watch in the new 1858 collection and pays homage to Minerva's 160th anniversary by featuring a brand new WorldTime complication developed in-house at Villeret. A watch, like all those that Montblanc presented at SIHH 2018, robust, sporty and rather retro, able to lead us back to the "spirit of mountain exploration" that is at the base of the line.

The main innovation of this watch consists in the representation of all the time slots in the world presented not only with the northern hemisphere, as often happens, but also with the southern hemisphere of our planet. To do this, the Geosphere features two globes that perform a complete rotation in 24 hours. The northern hemisphere at 12 o'clock turns counterclockwise, while the southern hemisphere at 6 o'clock turns clockwise. They are both surrounded by a scale with 24 time zones, along with a day / night indication in contrasting colors. The reference meridian of longitude for both hemispheres is highlighted by a white line coated with luminous paint.

In addition to this dual hemisphere world time complication, the watch provides a second time zone thanks to a display located at 9 o'clock, as well as a date, linked to local time, indicated in an aperture at 3 o'clock. as well as on the large hands, it has also been applied to the two hemispheres to improve visibility and night performance. A “tiny” but extremely significant and surprising detail are the seven peaks of the world marked on the globes with red dots. Climbing these mountains is known as the challenge of the seven peaks and it is precisely this desire to enhance and underline the spirit of mountain exploration, which we repeat, represents the fulcrum of this year's 1858 collection.

Also in terms of design, the Geosphere integrates all the codes we have already seen in previous watches of the 1858 family, which means a strong inspiration of Minerva, based on military watches of the 30s, with beige luminescent Arabic numerals and indexes and the historic Montblanc logo of those years. With a pleasant finish, with a combination of brushed surfaces and glossy accents, despite the presence of a bidirectional bezel and the need for more space on the dial, with its 42 mm in diameter it remains perfectly wearable.

The MONTBLANC 1858 GEOSPHERE will be available in two versions: The first, classic, is presented in steel. The second, more original and in fact completely related to the theme of adventure, is made of bronze, with additional elements (hands and dial accents) in rose gold. Both models will be equipped with an automatic movement (Sellita base), certified by the Montblanc Laboratory Test 500 and with an internal world hours module. The steel version will make its debut as a non-limited edition, while the bronze edition will only be produced in 1.858 pieces. Price 5.300 EURO.