Science through physics teaches us that "collisions" are always about interactions and rarely about a collision. The new HYT H1.0 is able to create a beautiful space where mechanical watchmaking and fluid technology collide constructively, giving an excellent result, creating a one-of-a-kind timepiece.

The H 1.0, with its three-dimensional transparency, immerses the observer in an architectural vision of time, as if observing the present in a context suspended between past and future, thanks to the use of liquids. Fluids and mechanics aren't close friends, but the people at HYT have proven that it's possible to combine both in one watch. All elements of the specially developed skeletonized mechanical movement work closely together to form the overall picture of pure functionality.

From the clearly visible power reserve display, to the seconds wheel, time is in perpetual motion. positive energy emerges from a series of visible tensions, such as the shaping of the curved case and the dotted lines of the bellows extractors. Also seen from the side, the watch tells the story of the passage of time and does so, through the figures cut out and wisely incorporated into the deep external grooves of the case.

The narration through these fluids is finally confirmed by the water resistance up to 50 meters. Available in three versions: silver case with blue liquid, black case with green liquid and anthracite case with red liquid. The watch will retail for EUR 49.000. All models are secured to the wrist with a lightly molded black rubber strap and titanium buckle.

"Having a fight is nice ..."