[: En]Once again it is astonishing how Moser has faced a complication known to all, giving back to lovers of fine watchmaking an object that is fascinating and innovative in its tradition.

We are talking about the Endeavor Perpetual Moon Concept, presented in two versions, one with a steel case and one with a rose gold case, both limited editions of 50 pieces.

Although pink gold dresses the now traditional smoked dial, the real novelty is the use of Vantablack for the black dial mounted on a steel case. 

This material, ad today, is the darkest substance in existence, used in astrophysics and military, composed of carbon nanotubes and capable of retaining 99,965% of the light it encounters. It is useless to dwell on how surprising the effect that this dial creates: the reaction of the eye to such a deep and intense black combined with a dial without logo and indexes goes to fully highlight the phases of the moon shown at six o'clock, almost creating the impression of a sky perfectly suited to show the moon in all its wonder, a sky on our wrist.

However, we must not forget that this watch is the most precise moon phase on the market, with a deviation of 1 day every 1027 years, combined with various technical qualities, such as the HMC 801 in-house movement, 7 days of power reserve and one interchangeable escapement.

This new piece is the umpteenth demonstration of what the house of Neuhausen means by haute horlogerie and charm, a combination of tradition and innovation that has hardly been seen with this consistency in other houses. 

[envira-gallery id="4530"][:in]Here we are with a huge novelty from one of our favorite houses. The Endeavor Perpetual Moon Concept is a confirmation of what Moser is doing on purpopse: make Swiss Made great again, with a sprinkle of taste and great style. 

The watch has been presented in two different versions, both limited to 50 pieces each, one with a rose gold case and blue fumé dial (typical of the Maison) and the other one in steel with a Vantablack dial.

This last version is really surprising because of the material, rarely seen on watches, used in astrophysics and by the army. It is the darkest substance of all, made with carbon nanotubes and capable of absorbing 99,965% of the light, which leads to the astonishing effect of having a perfect dark sky on the wrist, making the moon even better and completely central on such a pure dial with no logo or indexes.

In the meantime we can say that this watch is the most precise moonphase on the market, with a one day deviation every 1027 years and several other technical achievements such as the caliber HMC 801 from Moser's Manufacture, 7 days power reserve and an interchangeable escapement.

This new piece is another demonstration of what haute horology and style are for Moser: a perfect mix of innovation and tradition, which are the real souls behind every watch leaving Neuhausen's Manufacture, something that isn't easy to be found in any other maison.

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