What has always intrigued me is knowing what leads a person to choose the watch he wears, and if his collection actually reflects his personality, his way of being.

This is why we wanted to interview in the splendid setting of Park Hyatt Milan, one of the greatest ambassadors ofelegance and good taste of the present day Fabius Athanasius, driven by the curiosity to know which timepieces a true Italian Gentleman goes with.

Born in 1987, his obsessive passion for tailoring led him to create  The BeSpoke Dudes, a website where since 2012 he has given free rein to his love for bespoke tailoring. But not only that, in a short time he became one of the top influencers in the sector on a global scale, launched his own handcrafted eyewear brand 'TBD Eyewear' and signed accessory lines, see the recent collaboration with  Velasca Milan.

What does the wristwatch represent for you? 

FA The wristwatch is for me an object capable of giving you emotions. Emotions that are enhanced once you wear it. I see it from the point of view of a enthusiast of objects equipped with quality e beauty. The result of a certain expertise which, like the tailored suit, is enhanced by the obsessive attention to detail. The watch must give me emotions, tell stories ..

The watch you are most attached to?

FA Un Omega Seamasters from '58, 36mm case only time with manual winding. A timeless and essential watch for me. I recently had it restored by the master watchmakers Omega who have brought it back to life while keeping all its charm intact.

Your first major watch? 

FA It is the watch I bought when I started my business, and it is a Pre-Seamaster Omega from the 60s. A single time with a beautiful 'pearl' dial, 'dauphine' hands and oversized case.

As a great lover of the classic, you have a predilection for the elegance of the cases and dials of the 50s and 60s. Among the modern watches in your collection, which are the ones you wear most often?

FA Surely the "First Omega in Space“, Re-edition of Speedmaster Moonwatch worn in 1962 by the astronaut Walter Schirra on the occasion of the “Sigma 7” mission. A watch that I love for its sobriety and the elegance of its symmetrical lugs. It is one of the few sports watches that I wear, as well as being the most 'complicated' in my collection.

Your obsessive passion for tailoring leads you to take care of every garment you wear down to the smallest detail. On the basis of which criteria do you decide which watch to wear and where do you start in choosing?

FA Based on how I dress i like to play with straps e match them with accessories. If it's a sports watch, maybe I'll wear a broken one. If I'm in a three-piece wool suit, maybe I'll opt for mine more Seamaster of '58, a real passpartout for its lines and the essentiality of the dial.

Speaking of dials, is there a watch in your collection that you particularly love because of this detail?

FA I would definitely say mine Omega De Ville Tresor in Sedna gold 18K.

I really like the opaline silver dial, decorated with the "Clous de Paris" that recalls the pique fabric of formal shirts and the refined rounded hands, which follow the inclination of the squared sapphire crystal. In addition to being enchanted by the arabesque “Côtes de Genève” finishes and the red gold balance wheel visible from the bottom view.

What will your next watch be?

FA I have been planning to purchase a Omega Constellation 'Pie-Pan' yellow gold. I love this type of dial with the flared outer edges in a 'pie pan'. This watch is becoming a hit so much that I have photos everywhere on my smartphone ...

Thanks to ParkHyatt Milan