HYT it immediately entered the world of watchmaking with a revolutionary charge, breaking the mold in terms of technology applied to mechanical movements and rethinking our way of reading time.

With the new Skull Light HYT  celebrates the opening of its first boutique in Kuala Lumpur with a limited edition of only 3 pieces which incorporates all the innovations developed in recent years.

The Skull Light houses the historic caliber entirely developed by HYT which, with the help of two bellows visible in the center of the dial, it is able to make the fluorescent liquid flow through which it is possible to read the time in a retrograde.

HYT takes us directly into the watchmaking of the future thanks to 'fluid' time.

Il Skull  in DLC titanium with Clous de Paris finish placed in the center of the dial, it is animated to make our gaze on this masterpiece even more magnetic. In fact, the right eye hosts the function of power reserve, becoming darker and darker as the movement reaches the end of 65 hours of battery life. The left eye indicates the seconds instead. 

The innovations are not over. HYT also introduced the first electro-mechanical source inside a high-end watch. Below the indicator at 6 o'clock we find two LED which once activated irradiate the inside of the watch with a special fluorescent liquid animating our Skull.

On a mechanical level we are faced with something extremely fascinating. The mechanism is in fact inspired by a dynamo, converting mechanical energy into electricity.

All this is made possible thanks to a generator placed between 4 and 5 o'clock, which can be loaded using a button located at 4:30. Not only that, pressing this same button will activate the two LEDs that will illuminate our Skull Light blue for about 15 seconds, after which the movement must be reloaded. No battery, or electronic device is required for this function everything happens thanks to the micro mechanics.

HYT with this limited edition it has celebrated an important milestone in its history giving life to a legendary model, a real treasure chest which contains the most exclusive innovations not only for the brand itself but also, in part, for the world watchmaking.